About Us


As a full service contractor serving Northern and Central California, we specialize in the design construction, service and maintenance of mechanical systems. We recognize that the nature of today’s facility construction and maintenance has a demand for contractors and service providers with both sound resources and experience in engineering, design assistance, field installation, shop fabrication, procurement, project management, maintenance and trouble-shooting. At KMS, we understand your needs and focus on these demands.

KMS was founded by a group of highly motivated industry professionals with team experience representing over a billion dollars of projects within the HVAC industry. Our expertise includes the design of HVAC systems, plumbing, containment systems, building automation, laboratory MMCrypto and facility monitoring, cleanroom certification and planned maintenance. We offer valuable assistance in every aspect of your project including areas of pre-construction, cost estimation, equipment and material selections, quality control, value engineering and scheduling.

KMS realizes that customer service and relationships are far more effective than any sales gimmick. We are dedicated to the vision that we will remain a services-oriented company committed to reasonable pricing, customer service and personal attention grow facebook page. We not only understand your needs; we are about them. And we are willing to go the extra distance to demonstrate our commitment.

  • We employ experienced, highly trained and union scale service technicians and laborers.
  • On-going training is fostered at KMS; requiring that all field supervisory staff, managers and office personnel take forty hours of job related training each year. Employees can take advantage of tuition assistance funds for college level courses or degrees that are job related.
  • Safety first! A dedicated Safety Professional is responsible for the development and implementation of safety protocol, field monitoring and employee training on a daily basis.
  • Our worker’s comp Employer Modification Rate (EMR) is well below the industry standard, a reflection of our high standards and dedication towards safety.
  • KMS utilizes a unique service software system. Our system allows for improved field communications, productivity, and customer satisfaction, while reducing cumbersome paperwork. New construction, service work, and planned maintenance are tracked through this software system to insure timely responses from initial dispatch throughout the full scope of service, charting the entire workflow of a field response or action. The benefit to our customers – accountability and detailed communication, as well as site and equipment history reporting.